Friday, 9 March 2012

Question 4

Question 3

For the first bit of qualitative research I had a face to face interview with a potential audience member who is  in our target audience of 18-25. Above is a video from the interview showing the question asked and the responses given.
The ways in which they had been affected by the text is that they found the music and lot more easy and enjoyable to listen to the music video due to the fact the story behind the music video made it seem a lot more interesting to her.This gave a direct effect which improved the music itself. Giving her a much more significant listening pleasure.
The users according to this interview seem to be seeing the music video almost as a story therefore giving much more pleasure combined with the music. They seem to like the differences compared to other music videos in the same genre.
When adopting a cultural studies approach the reader has preferred readings of the texts by the feedback she gave although during asking her what she would change there are certain aspects whered she had an oppositional aspects of the text.

The feedback was recording on my phone and using my laptop I could easily email the recordings to my laptop with no cables then create a video out of them, this was a great example of 2.0 technology.

From showing my video to other potential audiences I also gathered some written feedback.

Male 18 - I Like the whole setting of your video. It shows the wild side to teenagers. Also shows how messed up we all really are. I think you portrayed loneliness really well, especially with the different lighting. It's all good However I think the story line is a little bit predictable teenagers in love. 
Female 17 - I loved the video. I love how the characters were wearing really weird clothes of colour which really stood out. Really helped show the uniqueness of the music to show what type of people listen to it. However I would class this music as quite electronic, so its weird not having a party scene for the video?

After reading through these comments first of all I came to the conclusion that they where affected by the texts in different ways each, the effect that it had was that the characters and the way they acted really affected the audience in a positive way. But at the same time the loneliness is also portrayed how I wanted. 
What they make out about the text is the uniqueness of aspects of the text but as the same time the male felt that it was a bit predictable with the teenagers being in love. 
However the idea of not using a party scene for the music and choosing something different actually caused the female to have a oppositional reading to the text, where as it affected other people differently. 

Friday, 16 December 2011

Mood board A mood board of Costumes, Props, Lighting & Shots

Borrow bright coloured jumper from Max (will make the character stand out) - fits in with 'electronic' style
Pale coloured clothing for the female character (to emphasize focus on the main character - the male)
Fake pills - Use tablets or fake tablets
Headband for the female character -to go with styling

Storyboard Pictures

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shot List

Shot Number

1. Close up of hand with two pills in palm
2-10 Two shot of couple standing in the woods
11-17. Two shot pan of couple running through the wood
17-20. Two shot of couple falling over
21-25. Overhead shot of couple lying on the floor
26. POV Shot of man looking up
27. Following to a close up of his eyes as he remembers.
28. Establishing shot of bus at bus stop
29-32. Bus goes leaving him in his own at the bus stop.
33-37 Street as cars drive by POV of the man
38-45 Shot of him walking down road
46-60 Shots of him walking through town
60-65 Gets into car and jump cuts has he carries on driving on his own 
66-80 He then carries on driving into close up of his eyes again.
80-89 Finishing shot of him and her being back together again and being happy

Friday, 9 December 2011

Audience Theory

Researching our audience

Researching our audience

I set up a discussion group on Facebook, and got some reliable members to do polls and answer questions, and then Claire posted polls for people to fill in . We have made sure that there's a equal amount of boys and girls in the group to prevent the research from being invalid.
Whilst we are waiting for people to fill in the polls , Claire asked people on Twitter if they listen to Crystal Castles and received some feedback ...
A 'Favorite' means a person agrees with what you say - therefore the person who 'favorited' my tweet listens to Crystal Castles. 
So far... 
  • 3 males listen to crystal castles - 2 are between 17 & 20 and 1 is 16.
  • 6 females listen to crystal castles - all aged between 17 & 20

Monday, 5 December 2011

Time Management for music video production

Planning Diary

By the 8th
Audience Research carried out from a mixture of facebook, twitter and in person to gather as much different information from a wide range of different people.

By the 10th
Finished shot list and start to but forward ideas for the storyboard and start drawing of storyboard

By the 11th
Finish storyboard and audience profile poster. Begin to take pictures of storyboard and create  a animatic

By the 13th 
Finished animatic, now audience research and profiling is complete begin to look at the finished and confirmed actors/location/costumes and props

By the 15th
Decide on actor and location, start to draw up costume and prop list

By the 16th
Create planning documents on keeping time management for production filming times

By the 18th
Make sure all work is onto the blog with full costume and prop list.

Problems I had whilst making my digipak

The only problem I really en-counted was that I perhaps could of taken some more in depth and exciting pictures as perhaps the pictures used where a little plain and boring, apart from that all my work was my own work and I am happy with what ive created of the media I had available to me.

Finished Digipak and Advert

This is the finished version of the advert and digipak, which has been edited and changed to my audience feedback that I mentioned earlier.

Audience feedback : Advert

I posted my advert first finished copy onto facebook to receive some audience feedback, I asked very similar questions to that of the digipak.

‎1. What points about the Advert do you like?
2. Is there anything I could change to make it look more professional?
3. Is it a level that you would buy it?

After the feedback I decided to put the text behind the man from what the feedback said, I had a look at changing the red font at the bottom but could not find anything as effective, I also asked input from a teacher who gave me the idea of putting in images of where it can be downloaded from.

Creating the Advert

I used for the advert a picture from the second and shoot, due to Crystal Castles being quite a big band i decided a full page of a magazine would be most appropriate as this would be well in there price range, I then choose to put in reviews from magazines NME and VIBE as these would be the types of magazines that they would appear in.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Audience Feedback - Digipak

For audience research I created a feedback group on facebook and asked for feedback to find out how I could improve the digipak.

I asked these simple questions to get some responses.
1. What points about the Digipak do you like?
2. Is there anything I could change to make it look more professional?
3. Is it a level where you would buy it?

After posting this I received the following feedback :

After receiving this feedback i edited the Vinyl to make it look more professional to be left with my finished project for the digipak.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Designing Print

For the print I used a general overlay effect to add a nice finishing effect on top of the images I took to make it look more authentic.
For the back cover I tried to make it look like he was looking down at the tracklist, and then tried to fit the song list on top of the bricks so it fit in between the brick work.

For the front cover I used a basic yet effective text which keeps the stylish original idea of crystal castles music, then I put the album name along the billboard,  I then added an effect to make it look like the text is on the billboard.
The album name Not alone relates back to the general idea of being alone which is portrayed in the album cover but the different pictures relate back to my music video with the bust stop idea.

I edited this to make it look like there is nothing in the background to make him look even more alone.

For the side underneath the CD I designed my own vinyl CD which went well with the whole authentic Crystal Castle idea which I was trying to use.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Second Shoot

 I then hired out the camera again on the friday In order to take pictures for the second shoot.
 With the new planning of locations I managed to get all the shots I needed for  the digipak!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

First Shoot

On the first shoot not enough photos where taken to be able to create the digipak therefore I had to go for a second shoot, although here is the pictures from the first shoot.

The places where I had planned to take the shots that night had been made unavailable due to road works, therefore I had to re plan places for shots.

I took these range of shots for the back cover.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

As I go through steps for the digipak I will post updates and screen grabs to show the steps I used to create the digipak.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Basic Ideas for Digipak

Here is my first ideas for my digipak, I plan to go into more depth and use the 6 digipak layout, I plan to keep a whole theme throughout the whole digipak, this being a being alone night theme, so all the shots on the digipak will be of an unknown male being alone in various places related to the music video, in all of these it'll be at night in the dark. Some of places that I have ideas for are :
- Bus stop
- Inside of bus
- City Street
- Blurred Street Lights/Car light
This on carries on from the idea given in the pitch of the general theme of the song of someone being alone in the dark and also conveying the idea of the bus stop and the street lights.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Print Production

From my earlier post I have decided that I will go forward with that idea for the track list, which is the shot of the back of the bus which I will take on a normal double decker bus, this will be a more zoomed in shot so there are limited amounts of windows and we will hopeful get an empty bus.

I plan to be creating a 6 page digipak, similar to the one displayed here on the right, the album title we are still deciding on but then simple word "tomorrow" seems to be the most likely idea.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Basic Digipak Reasearch

What is a digipak?

Digipak is a patented style of CD, DVD packaging. It has become popular by holding CD and DVD’s from the same artist, combining the release of a new CD with a DVD.
Digipaks typically consist of a book-style paper board or card outer binding, with one or more plastic trays capable of holding a CD or DVD attached to the inside.

What is the purpose of a digipak?

Digipak-style packaging is often used for CD singles or special editions of CD albums and the tall DVD Digipak  is used as a premium package for DVDs and DVD sets.

The History

Since Digipaks were among the first alternatives to CD casing to be used by major record companies, and because there is no other common name for Digipak-style packaging made by other companies, the term digipak or Digi-Paks often used generically. Giving record companies no other choices whether to choose between CD casing or Digipaks. Digipak-style cases grew in popularity among record labels and recording artists in the early 2000s.