Friday, 9 March 2012

Question 3

For the first bit of qualitative research I had a face to face interview with a potential audience member who is  in our target audience of 18-25. Above is a video from the interview showing the question asked and the responses given.
The ways in which they had been affected by the text is that they found the music and lot more easy and enjoyable to listen to the music video due to the fact the story behind the music video made it seem a lot more interesting to her.This gave a direct effect which improved the music itself. Giving her a much more significant listening pleasure.
The users according to this interview seem to be seeing the music video almost as a story therefore giving much more pleasure combined with the music. They seem to like the differences compared to other music videos in the same genre.
When adopting a cultural studies approach the reader has preferred readings of the texts by the feedback she gave although during asking her what she would change there are certain aspects whered she had an oppositional aspects of the text.

The feedback was recording on my phone and using my laptop I could easily email the recordings to my laptop with no cables then create a video out of them, this was a great example of 2.0 technology.

From showing my video to other potential audiences I also gathered some written feedback.

Male 18 - I Like the whole setting of your video. It shows the wild side to teenagers. Also shows how messed up we all really are. I think you portrayed loneliness really well, especially with the different lighting. It's all good However I think the story line is a little bit predictable teenagers in love. 
Female 17 - I loved the video. I love how the characters were wearing really weird clothes of colour which really stood out. Really helped show the uniqueness of the music to show what type of people listen to it. However I would class this music as quite electronic, so its weird not having a party scene for the video?

After reading through these comments first of all I came to the conclusion that they where affected by the texts in different ways each, the effect that it had was that the characters and the way they acted really affected the audience in a positive way. But at the same time the loneliness is also portrayed how I wanted. 
What they make out about the text is the uniqueness of aspects of the text but as the same time the male felt that it was a bit predictable with the teenagers being in love. 
However the idea of not using a party scene for the music and choosing something different actually caused the female to have a oppositional reading to the text, where as it affected other people differently. 

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