Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shot List

Shot Number

1. Close up of hand with two pills in palm
2-10 Two shot of couple standing in the woods
11-17. Two shot pan of couple running through the wood
17-20. Two shot of couple falling over
21-25. Overhead shot of couple lying on the floor
26. POV Shot of man looking up
27. Following to a close up of his eyes as he remembers.
28. Establishing shot of bus at bus stop
29-32. Bus goes leaving him in his own at the bus stop.
33-37 Street as cars drive by POV of the man
38-45 Shot of him walking down road
46-60 Shots of him walking through town
60-65 Gets into car and jump cuts has he carries on driving on his own 
66-80 He then carries on driving into close up of his eyes again.
80-89 Finishing shot of him and her being back together again and being happy

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